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Our Deck Restoration service is a great way to improve the look and feel of your deck. We can remove any existing stains or sealants, and then apply a new sealant that will protect your deck from the elements.
Deck Restoration for Award Painting in Fayetteville, NC Deck Restoration for Award Painting in Fayetteville, NC Deck Restoration for Award Painting in Fayetteville, NC

The deck in your home is likely one of the most used spaces during the warmer months. It's a great spot to relax, entertain friends and family, and soak up some sun. So it's important to make sure your deck is in good condition so you can enjoy it all season long.

One way to do that is by booking a deck restoration service from Award Painting. We'll clean, seal and stain your deck, restoring it to its former glory. Our experienced professionals will work diligently to make sure your deck looks great and lasts for many seasons to come.

Here are some of the benefits of having a deck restoration service performed:

-Your deck will be clean and free of any debris or stains.
-The sealant will help keep moisture out, preventing the wood from rotting or warping.
-The stain will protect the wood from UV damage and fading.
-You'll be able to enjoy your deck for many seasons to come with little maintenance required.

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      God... Where do I even start? Dylan and the entire team are just so athletic, spry, and downright witty. They saved my cat from a tree and unlocked my chakras! Insane customer service with a warm personality to match. ProPhone Cypress is my new religion and I look forward to donating my savings to Dylan's just cause - to the end brothers!
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      The best customer experience ever. I would definitely recommend these guys to all my friends and family.
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